The Strong Dollar: A Golden Opportunity for Americans Investing in Global Real Estate


While the U.S. dollar may have lost some ground against the British pound and the Euro, it is gaining strength in other international markets. This presents a unique opportunity for Americans looking to invest in real estate in countries like Canada, Australia, and Israel. Here’s why this trend can benefit you.

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Why American Buyers Are Looking Beyond Europe

In past years, cities like London and Paris have been prime targets for Americans seeking international real estate, thanks to the dollar’s robust performance against the Euro and British pound. While the Euro has gained some of its footing back, American buyers are exploring other markets where their dollar still carries considerable weight.

A Strong Dollar in Canada: From Vancouver to Whistler

According to industry insiders like John Ryan of Whistler Real Estate Company, the U.S. dollar’s relative strength has led to a 14% increase in American buyers in areas like British Columbia, especially in luxury segments. The area’s appeal is further enhanced by Canada’s friendly financial systems, which can approve a mortgage for an American buyer within just 10 days.

Key Takeaway: The absence of foreign buyer restrictions in some Canadian regions makes it an even more appealing option for U.S. investors.

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The Advantage Down Under: Buying in Australia

Australia is another market where Americans are finding more bang for their buck. As Michael Pallier, Managing Director of Sydney Sotheby’s International Realty, explains, this is boosting affordability for international buyers.

Key Considerations:

  • A significant inflow of immigrants is keeping the Australian property market buoyant.
  • Additional tax charges for foreign nationals.
  • The necessity for a long-term visa or permanent resident status to buy.

Israel: A Market Not To Overlook

While Canada and Australia often capture the headlines when it comes to international real estate investment, Israel is an untapped market that should not be overlooked by those paying in U.S. dollars. Israel’s economy is robust and diverse, with particularly strong sectors in technology, healthcare, and tourism. This creates a stable environment for property investments.

Vibrant Cities Like Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv stands out as an exceptional city for investment for several reasons. Known as the “Silicon Valley of the Middle East,” it’s a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. The city is also culturally rich, offering a blend of modernity and tradition, which makes it appealing for both young professionals and retirees. Tel Aviv has seen a steady appreciation in property values over the years, coupled with a high standard of living, making it an excellent choice for investors seeking both lifestyle and financial returns.

The Advantage of a Strong U.S. Dollar

For American investors, the strength of the U.S. dollar provides another layer of incentive. Similar to markets like Canada and Australia, the stronger U.S. dollar can translate into real savings when buying property in Israel. This becomes especially significant considering the generally high price tags attached to real estate in top-tier cities like Tel Aviv.

Taxation and Regulatory Framework

Investors should note that Israel has its unique taxation and legal requirements for property transactions. While generally considered investor-friendly, there are certain taxes and fees that may apply to foreign investors. It’s crucial to understand these subtleties to make the most out of your investment.

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What To Be Mindful Of

  • Taxation: Both Australia and Israel impose additional taxes on foreign buyers.
  • Regulations: Be aware of each country’s individual property ownership laws, as they can vary significantly.
  • Market Conditions: Keep an eye on how the U.S. dollar performs over the long term. Short-term gains might be attractive, but consider the currency’s stability as part of your investment strategy.

Take the Next Step with Professional Consulting

Investing in international real estate can be a rewarding but complex venture, especially when it comes to navigating tax laws and property regulations in foreign countries. If you’re interested in leveraging the strong U.S. dollar to invest in Canada, Australia, or Israel, our team of experts is here to guide you.

Contact us today to avail of our professional consulting services and make an informed decision for your future investments.


The strength of the U.S. dollar in countries like Canada, Australia, and Israel provides an excellent opportunity for American investors to expand their real estate portfolios. By taking the time to understand each market and being aware of foreign buyer regulations, Americans can make well-informed, advantageous investment decisions in these countries.

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